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New Initiative: SPN Day of Fandom Love

I'm putting together an initiative here, on Tumblr and possibly on Twitter, to encourage members of fandom to pledge refrain from wank for one 24-hour period. I've got some folks on board and need volunteers, here on lj and on other fandom platforms. Anyone who is interested in getting involved can check out the Tumblr


where I've started constructing guidelines, graphics, etc. I've never done anything like this before so any advice or help would be great! I want to demonstrate that it is possible to work for safe spaces in fandom, and that compassionate action is not only possible, but powerful.
Thinking about What a Friend had said(3/3)
Warnings: Discussion of death, characters being mean to each other.
Summary: Follows Hoping for Replacement. John attempts to make peace with his eldest sons. Things don't go as he'd planned. John POV

Part 1|Part 2

“Dad,” Adam said, voice carefully modulated to carry as little emotion as possible, “When are you coming home?”Collapse )


Heading out this morning

I don't know if I'll have internet access for the next 5 days so here is a post!

quick ep reactionCollapse )

In other news:

I was trying really hard to finish the new chapter for the older!Sam-younger!Dean fic, and got most of it done, but being all burnt out and stuff I didn't quite get there. It's now over 4500 words. I still have a scene to finish, proofreading, etc. I wanted to post it before I had to leave, but looks like it'll have to wait! I'm going to try to write the last scene while I'm away though. *crosses fingers*
Here are some old comics pages I never got around to finishing! Eee! (Be aware that the art is pretty bad, but whatever. Sometimes it's nice just to do things for the sake of doing them.)

'cuz what the world needs more of is wacky post-apocalypse comedyCollapse )

today's tribulations


Also I am trying to finish the last bit of my older!Sam fic but apparently I have to "study" or something. Bah.

Also also I am trying and still failing to get my HD deleted on my old crappy laptop. Possibly because it is old and crappy and I bought it in Japan. I may just wind up removing the HD and running it over with my car or something. I don't know. It taunts me.



I have this red t-shirt with an old-school model of an atom on it, and it just says "SCIENCE" in big letters, and one day this woman complimented me on it and said:

"I really like your shirt. Is it from The Big Bang Theory?"

I said, "No."



Physicist propose method to determine if the universe is a simulation

"To find evidence that we exist in a simulated world would mean discovering the existence of an underlying lattice construct by finding its end points or edges. In a simulated universe a lattice would, by its nature, impose a limit on the amount of energy that could be represented by energy particles."



Okay, so I finally got around to ordering a ticket for Chicon. My plan was always to go just for a day--originally I'd planned to drive up Friday stay overnight, go to one day and then leave on Sunday. At this point however, seeing as how I live literally five minutes away from quickreaver, who is going (far as I've heard) for the whole thing, it looks like I'll be in town for the duration, though not at the actual con for 2/3 of it. The ticket's only for Saturday, and it's sort of mid-range, or whatever the technical term is. So. I'll be around anyway, but kind of toward the middle of the floor I guess? Or maybe the back? It's all really ridiculously complex and I'm not sure if they're going to like, lock us in a ballroom for 8 hours or what. Am I allowed to bring food? Will there be metal detectors? (Seriously, though, knowing that would help me plan what clothes I can safely pack.)

The rest of the time I was thinking I might try to check out a local museum or something. I don't know how cons are set up or anything and frankly huge crowds aren't my thing, so one day is about my speed. If anyone reading this is going, feel free to let me know so that I can appropriately harass you in person, as is stipulated in my contract. If anyone has lived in or visited Chicago and has recommendations on non-convention-al activities (see what I did there?) and about getting around town with public transport, let me know! I need to occupy myself so I'll take any advice you care to chuck my way. Also any pet peeves or crazy crap to watch out for at the actual con (and the drive into town), please to be letting me know!


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